What’s new with Excel 2013

A lot of changes have been made to the Excel 2013 user interface. Let’s see them 😃

Modern User Interface (UI)

First time you open Excel, you could be surprised to discover the new color set. Only 24 colors are used in the ribbon and the Excel window presentation. 24 is not a lot but in fact, the reduced colors will help to set off your data.

As you can see in this screenshot, when your document has a lot of data, charts, or conditional formatting, you notice them much more than the menu or the Excel interface and this is really important for your presentation.

Menu name in Uppercase

All names of the ribbon tabs are now in uppercase. It’s weird 🤔

In fact it was a “try”. With Office 2016, the menu name are written with upper and lower case

First / Last worksheet buttons

In this version, these 2 classical buttons have been removed. It’s really a big regression for a lot of people because many projects are using a lot of worksheets. And that’s exactly what Microsoft wants to avoid. In fact, with the new tools of Power BI, a workbook should have 3 or 4 worksheets.

Nevertheless, you can easily get to the first and the last worksheet by

  • holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the arrow
  • click and hold down the mouse button

Insert a new worksheet

Add sheet

Next to the last worksheet tab, you can see this icon

There is a major difference to the previous versions: the new worksheet is no longer added after the last sheet but always after the active sheet.

In this example, you can see 3 worksheets. The first one is active. When you click on the icon “add a new worksheet”, the new worksheet will be added after Sheet1 and not after Sheet3 at the end.

Split screen

At the top and bottom of the scroll bars, the split screen icons have been removed. To freeze the pane of your worksheet, you need to click Freeze Panes on the VIEW ribbon.

But here again, there is a reason for that. In fact, when you use a Table, the header are automatically visible in the header bar. By removing this option, Microsoft wants to change the bad way to work with Excel to the new one.

Other modification

Also, 13 others features have been discontinuing. You will find the list here

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