Apr 02




SDI is the abbreviation for Single Document Interface. SDI means that each workbook opens in its own window and has its own interface. This provides a lot of useful functionalities.



Conveniences of dual screen with SDI

When you work with two monitors in a dual screen setup, showing two workbooks in the same Excel instance was not easy to do. Now with SDI, you can have a workbook each on the left and right hand screen.

Move/Copy a worksheet

With the SDI, moving a worksheet from one workbook to another is very easy; it is like moving a file from a folder to another one.

Position your two workbooks side by side and drag and drop a worksheet from the first workbook to the other one.

Here you see that the worksheet has been moved to the other workbook :)



If you want to copy your worksheet, press the Ctrl key while you drag and drop.

Move/Copy a column, a cell

With SDI you can also move or copy a column, a row or just a cell from one workbook to another just with drag and drop.

Here is the result:

Watch the video to see a demo of this new architecture.

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