Creating a chart or a Pivot Table in Excel can be a challenge for many Excel users. But now it’s very easy.  Excel 2013 automatically generates charts and pivot tables for you and you just have to select the one that suits you best.


Recommended Chart

Creating a chart is not difficult with Excel. The challenge is how to determine the best chart type for your data. Excel 2013 quickly analyzes your data and suggests several ways to plot this data in effective and attractive charts.

For instance in this example, you select your data and automatically

Recommended Pivot Table

Pivot Tables are a powerful tool for data analysis. But building a Pivot Table from scratch can be daunting for many Excel users. With Excel 2013 you just need to select the data and click Recommended Pivot Table. Excel will present you with several different Pivot Table layouts and you just need to select the one that best suits your analysis needs.

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