Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis provides an amazing way for you to preview your data with the different Excel tools.



When you select a range of cells in Excel 2013, a small icon appears in the bottom right corner.

When you click on that icon, a new toolbar with five tools will be displayed.

  • Format
  • Charts
  • Totals
  • Tables
  • Sparklines

All these tools already exist in the previous versions of Excel, but not many users are aware of them. With Quick Analysis in Excel 2013, you just need to click on one of these options to preview how these tools can present your data.


In this tab, you’ll find a preview of the most useful options of conditional formatting. Hover your mouse pointer over the icons, and you can see the suggested format in the original cells.

If you want to apply one of these formats, just click the icon in the tool bar.


When you use the Chart preview, it’s best to include the headers in the selection. Then, you can immediately preview the charts with the legends.

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