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Power View – Create a chart

Create a chart with Power View is something really easy. But, even if the choice of chart is less important than in a worksheet, Power View charts provide more functionalities.


How create a chart

For creating a chart in a Power View sheet, you must first create a table.

Once your table is done, you just have to select one of the chart types to convert your data.

For instance in the tab Design, you select Column Chart > Stacked Column and you have the following result.

If you prefer to present your data with a pie chart, you just have to select Other chart > Pie, and automatically, your data has present with a Pie chart.

In this example, the pie chart present the result for each continent and the slices represent the result for each type.

On this other pie chart, we have the same data but this time presents by Type of Real Estate and for each section, slices represent the result by continent.

Chart label

You have certainly noticed that none of the previous chart have a label. In fact, in the functionality and complexity of the chart, sometimes, you can not add any label (Layout > Data Labels)

But if you use your mouse you can hover over a part of your chart, a tool box appears with the detail of a specific slice.

Interaction between elements

Creating a new Power View with these simple charts is not a revolution. But the interest to use a chart in a Power View is to combine different elements in your worksheet.

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