Power View

POWER VIEW has been deprecated. Now you must use Power BI Desktop

Presentation of Power View

Power View was a tool in Excel 2013 Pro Plus to create interactive dashboard.

Dashboard generated with Power View

Each element (chart, map, table of value) can interacted with the others.

For instance, if you select a slice of the pie chart, this will filter all the others element according to the selection

Technology of Power View

Power View has been developed with the technology Silverlight. Unfortunately, this technology has been depreciated by Microsoft in October 2012. So it was obvious that Power View in its original state couldn’t evolve.

In fact, in the same time, HTML5 was much more robust, quick and light than Silverlight. So it was necessary for Microsoft to develop a similar tool but base on HTML5.

Power View with Excel 2016

Power View is not visible by default in Excel 2016. Nowhere in the ribbon, you can find it.

For compatibility reason, Power View could be installed by activating the tool from the menu Options>Custom Ribbon

But, that was at the beginning of Excel 2016. It seems in 2018 that none of the Power View dashboard couldn’t opened.

What is the future of Power View?

In fact, now, the best way to create interactive dashboards is to use Power BI Desktop. And there is many reason for that:

  • The tool is free
  • You can connect to many different sources
  • Manipulate easily your data (Power Query)
  • Create your own measures (Power Pivot)
  • You have tons of visuals to present your data
  • Share easily your dashboards to a specific audience

Have a look at this example to understand the type of dashboard that you can do with Power BI Desktop.


    • Paul on 21/09/2018 at 21:51
    • Reply

    Is it possible to embed Power BI within an Excel workbook so that users don’t have to switch programs?

    1. Unfortunately it is not possible. The visuals of Power BI work only with Power BI Desktop or in a web browser

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