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Power BI with Excel 2013

In this video, look everything you can do with Excel 2013 Every tools used in this video are from the new application Power BI Power Query Power Pivot Power View Power Map

The logic of Power Pivot

Working with Power Pivot it isn’t hard. In fact it’s easier than Excel but the logic is totally different. But if you respect the next 3 rules, you will be able to build measures for your model Rule 1: Structure of the data When you want to create a measure, your data must be stored …

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New Excel 2013

This is the new interface of Excel. Pretty cool :) Do you like it ?

New release of Excel

With this new release of Excel, Microsoft has created a lot of impressive tools Recommended Pivot Table For most of us the Pivot table is a complex tool. Now, Excel 2013 summarizes your data with preview of different pivot table. Quick Analysis After the selection of your data, a small icon appears in the bottom-right, …

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