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FlashFill is an amazing tool which helps you to concatenate, merge, or split text in cells without using a single formula. 😎😍😍 How it works No more formulas, just type what you want to see into a cell and Excel will try to understand the rules. Sometimes, you need to fill more than 2 cells …

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50 new functions in Excel 2013

With Excel 2013, 50 new functions have been added. Here they are and for some of them, few extra explanations. Most of them are dedicated for top level engineers or statisticians. But there is also some very useful functions for a daily practice of Excel. Date and time 2 new Date and time functions. ISOWEEKNUM …

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What’s new with Excel 2013

A lot of changes have been made to the Excel 2013 user interface. Let’s see them 😃 Modern User Interface (UI) First time you open Excel, you could be surprised to discover the new color set. Only 24 colors are used in the ribbon and the Excel window presentation. 24 is not a lot but …

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New release of Excel

With this new release of Excel, Microsoft has created a lot of impressive tools Recommended Pivot Table For most of us the Pivot table is a complex tool. Now, Excel 2013 summarizes your data with preview of different pivot table. Quick Analysis After the selection of your data, a small icon appears in the bottom-right, …

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