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Export folder or file list to Excel

Export the list of files contained in a folder or sub-folders has always been a difficult task. Now with Power Query this job is as easy as 1-2-3 😎😃😍 But more, if you don’t want the list of files but just the folder and sub-folders name, it’s also easy. Connect Power Query to a path …

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Power View

POWER VIEW has been deprecated. Now you must use Power BI Desktop Presentation of Power View Power View was a tool in Excel 2013 Pro Plus to create interactive dashboard. Dashboard generated with Power View Each element (chart, map, table of value) can interacted with the others. For instance, if you select a slice of …

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New functions of Excel 2016

With the new release of Excel 2016, six new very interesting functions have been added in three libraries. Library Text Function CONCAT Combines the text from multiple ranges and/or strings, but it doesn’t provide the delimiter or ignore empty argumentsThis function depreciates CONCATENATE Example of the function CONCAT – No delimiter between each cells Function …

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Move between workbooks

SDI is the abbreviation for Single Document Interface. SDI means that each workbook opens in its own window and has its own interface. This provides a lot of useful functionalities. Benefits of dual screen with SDI When you work with two monitors in a dual screen setup, showing two workbooks in the same Excel instance …

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Discontinued features in Excel 2013

In Excel 2013, 13 features have been discontinued or significantly changed. Browser View Options are in a different location Pyramid and cone chart types have changed to column and bar chart shapes Save as Template is no longer on the Chart Tools ribbon The blank workbook on the Start screen isn’t based on Book.xltx. New …

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Power BI with Excel 2013

In this video, look everything you can do with Excel 2013 Every tools used in this video are from the new application Power BI Power Query Power Pivot Power View Power Map

The logic of Power Pivot

Working with Power Pivot it isn’t hard. In fact it’s easier than Excel but the logic is totally different. But if you respect the next 3 rules, you will be able to build measures for your model Rule 1: Structure of the data When you want to create a measure, your data must be stored …

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Presentation of Power Pivot

Power Pivot is a new tool of Excel 2013 that allows you to perform calculations on an unlimited number of rows. The calculation can be done with calculated columns, like in Excel, or with measures. It all starts with SQL Server Before to explain how to use Power Pivot, it is important to know that …

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50 new functions in Excel 2013

With Excel 2013, 50 new functions have been added. Here they are and for some of them, few extra explanations. Most of them are dedicated for top level engineers or statisticians. But there is also some very useful functions for a daily practice of Excel. Date and time 2 new Date and time functions. ISOWEEKNUM …

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New Excel 2013

This is the new interface of Excel. Pretty cool :) Do you like it ?

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